We create custom packaging to accomodate your product, its design and distribution needs. 

High quality packaging is key to your company image and business productivity.



What do we do?

Livingston Box Company manufactures a wide variety of custom folding cartons, product packaging, displays and more. We provide services such as flexo-printing, litho-printing, die cutting, specialty gluing and packaging design with a firm focus on quality with value.

The Company is able to market and provide service to both large & small companies and is able to handle very small orders with the same efficiency as high volume usages. We also provide waxing of folding cartons that are used in a wet environment.

Why choose us?

Livingston Box Company has developed a wide set of services and systems that align with the unique expectations of various industries, becoming the choice provider for retail and industrial packaging alike.

The Company is established in the Industry as a high quality producer of folding cartons. Livingston Box Company is able to offer shorter lead-times and high quality products.

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